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Encore Trivia is interactive, fully customizable & playable from your phone. We incorporate Music, Photos & Video. We offer fun mini games, like Horse Race, Prize Wheel, High Low Cards & Cups & Balls. Questions are multiple choice and projected on as many screens as you want. It's the coolest Trivia in the valley and a great addition to any event. Call us today and let's talk about the possibilities. They are endless!



Encore Trivia stands as an exceptional team-building solution for your company, fostering camaraderie and engagement like never before. With the ability to accommodate up to 100 participants, all seamlessly participating through their smartphones, it effortlessly breaks down physical barriers and encourages collaboration among team members. The versatility of Encore Trivia extends beyond team building, making it a fantastic addition to various types of parties, from corporate celebrations to casual get-togethers. What sets Encore Trivia apart is its integration of Music, Videos & Mini Games, transforming the experience into an immersive and entertaining affair. The inclusion of multimedia not only adds an element of excitement but also enhances the overall enjoyment and engagement, ensuring that every participant is enthralled throughout the game. With Encore Trivia, we've found a dynamic tool that unites your team, creates lasting memories, and adds a touch of pizzazz to any gathering.


Encore Trivia

Most questions are multiple choice with text but some use pictures like the example on the right. Some questions use a video or some music and then we ask about what you saw or heard. Every question is fun & everybody has a good time.

Encore Trivia screen.jpg

Mini Games

Everybody loves a horse race!  Our mini games are inserted in between trivia to add some extra fun and excitement. This Horse race is lot's of fun and will have everyone out of there seats!

Sphere on Spiral Stairs

Mini Games

This classic game is challenging and fun. Our mini games are inserted in between trivia to add some extra fun and excitement. This fun game of Cups & Balls definitely adds excitement and an extra thrill that will keep them coming back for more.

Mini Games

This card game can be set up to play High-Low or Red/Black. It is a great break during trivia to add even more fun to the experience. These mini-games bring people back week after week.


Seems like that's all anybody does these days so it makes sense. Everybody can play Encore Trivia with their phone and they love that feature. IOS or Android users can download a easy to use app and play from wherever they are seated. It's simple, easy & fun.

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